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It's all together now.

The gun and stock paired up great, I wish I could say the same for the stock and bottom metal. It ended up being alot more "inletting" than I was expecting to get the PTG bottom metal to fit into the stock. The majority of the reviews led me to believe it was going to be 20-30 minutes with a file to fit it up. That was not the case. The bottom metal is wider, longer and thicker than the original piece. Luckly I have access to a mill. Doing that all with a file & dremel would have been very trying on my patience. I opened up the stock a little bit all the way around side to side, took the front side about 3/16" further toward the forearm and the back side 3/8" further and .200" deeper. Now it is a nice snug fit and functions nice. It looks like a new gun. Although it was a little more work than I had anticipated I am glad I did it.Vise.jpg

New Stock 1.jpg
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