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I'm going to be different.

Don't buy anything until you get there and find out what you need, unless you plan on having a garage sale after you get there.

Based of the above post, I'm assuming you're going the the Anchorage Bowl. That area is not a lot different the most metro areas in the lower 48.

There are basically two Alaska's, The Bush and the Road Network. About 90% of the people live on the road network and its just as crowded as most placed in the lower 48.

In my 22 years in Alaska I spent a good deal of time in both areas. Different as night and day.

As to long days or long nights, you have just as much daylight as anywhere else. Just spread out a bit different. You'll get use to it, not something to worry about.

Same with the cold. You will go through a lot of window washer fluid, that is a given.

The Anchorage area had some good shooting. Shooting and reloading supplies are plentiful (a lot better then Wyoming).

Hunting sucks unless you're rich. Unless you live in some bush areas hunting is rich man's support. You have to fly out and that cost big bucks.

The exception is waterfowl. Best duck and geese hunting in the world across the knik arm from Anchorage. (Palmer Hay Flats). But you have to watch the tides and mudflats they will kill you.

Fishing is great, you can drive to some of the best fishing anywhere on the Kenai Penn. But its gonna be crowded.

The biggest danger in the Anchorage Bowl is moose/vehicle accidents. When the snow gets heavy, moose like everyone else take the easy route, meaning they'll get on the highway to move where there isn't any snow.

Tons of moose/vehicle accidents every winter, the Moose are hard on cars.

Main thing, like I said, don't buy a bunch of crap until you get there and find what you need. If you're on the road network, especielly in the Anchorage Area, it isn't that much different the the lower 48.
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