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i love that tool, and wouldnt mind getting it down the road but for now i went with the srha in 44 for several reasons.
1. rugers truly are "rugged and reliable" which is almost always my first reason for choosing a firearm.
2. 44spl/mag is more commonly found that 45lc/454 and less costly than the latter as well.
3. it looks badass
4. if you run out of ammo you can use it as a hammer
Other features include: Hogue Tamer grips, a very nice trigger (no trigger work necessary) and pinned front sight. A variety of strings are available if you want to further tune the trigger. You can buy an XS Sights big dot tritium sight or a standard sized one.

Chamfer the charge holes, add a night sight, change to wood grips if you prefer that and you're done.

If that's the case you could get a S&W .460 ES for about the same price. Shoots not only the .460 Magnum, but .454 and .45 Colt as well.
I find the ability to shoot 45 Colt to be a very desirable feature. The X-Frame is a bit ridiculous for open or concealed carry, but likely great for long range competition and hunting.
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