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I can't imagine reloading for the Mosin. It's just not cost effective for me.
I can't imagine NOT reloading for the Mosin.

Most of the surplus ammo is corrosive, and steel cases/bullet.

I may have only paid $99 for my Mosin but I still ain't gonna shoot that crap it it or any other guns I have.

When I bought mine I spent a bit of time going through the rack picking a good bore. Why would I do that if I was going to shoot junk.

Barrels (and chambers) are rather soft steel. Brass/Copper is softer yet so the chances of brass or copper ruining the barrel is slim. Not so with steel. Brass is suppose to work as a gasket and is suppose to expand and seal the chamber when you fire.

Steel doesn't expand at the same rate as brass.

And I wont even go to my rant about the fire hazard with steel bullets.

When I bought mine the clerk tried to sell me some surplus ammo. I spent a bit more and bought a couple hundred rounds of loaded Winchester 7.62X54R ammo. The loaded winchester stuff was cheaper then any "new" brass I could find. I don't load hot and only shoot one gun so the brass last a long time.

Also I shoot cast bullets for practice. You CAN keep the loading cost below the prices of the crap surplus ammo.
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