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Regardless whether the bayonet is suppose to stay on or not, I'm not going over the trenches, I use my surplus rifles for targets and enjoyment.

Sure I have bayonets for most of my surplus rifles, for display purposes, I certainly don't shoot with them. I just like collecting boynets to match the rifles.

The best venue in my opinion for surplus rifles is the CMP GSM Vintage Rifle Matches.

There are two requirements for these rifles in CMP matches, they have to be "as issued" and bayonts arn't authorized.

So if my rifles don't shoot right, I fix them, and fix them to keep them within the spirit and rules of the CMP GSM Games.

That's why I posted the method for adjusting the sights on the Mosin. It keeps the rifle within the CMP rules and you don't need a bayonet to shoot them.
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