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i think first you need to decide which is more important to you concealability or comfort and round count. I have friends that carry 1911's everyday and they dont have any issues me on the other hand am more of a pocket 380 guy most of the time unless its cold out and i can wear a jacket.
Excellent post. Each person's preference is unique to their circumstances, and can in fact change due to weather or dress. Historically I had a 1911 ultra carry and was comfortable with the size. Nevertheless I had to adjust my clothing accordingly, especially as in Texas the weather is summer, hot summer, surface of the sun, and only slightly summmer.

I've switched over to an M&Pc as the recoil in such a light frame was incrteasingly aggravating an old injury making shooting it difficult. As such I can understand the 1911 crowd, the midsize crowd, and the small carry/microcarry crowds. Its what you are comfortable with, and hopefully it will never be needed.
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