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Round two Bullseye pistols have had a lot of range time.
The .45, a series 80 Colt Gold Cup NM, was further accurized by the late George Madore. It has, easily, more than 60,000 rounds through it. The only failures have been a few failures to feed....very limited number - five or six - due to a problem with the case or the bullet. I have installed a slightly lighter recoil spring, 14 lbs, which I change out on no particular schedule.
A couple of years ago, I installed an oversized firing pin stop....That is the only change since it was accurized.

The other gun is a High Standard Victor made in the Hamden factory in 1973. It wears an aftermarket Falcon match barrel. I have had the gun for twenty years and go through a case of. 22s, at least, per year. So.....100k rounds since I have owned the gun. Every few years I replace the springs. About fifteen years ago, the plunger that retains the barrel broke and was replaced. I replaced the ejector around the same time. I have several factory original magazines and rarely have a failure.
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