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thanks for sharing your story. You don't mention where you are from. You mentioned that the laws are different where you are. I can't imagine calling "911" here in the states and telling them you've been shot by home invaders and the police not coming immediately, followed by EMS services.

Not knowing your culture or laws, it makes it difficult to respond. Most of these forum members attempt to give feedback based on what is acceptable by law - for a given scenario.

To me, the one universal truth is that you have to take care (protect) your family. You did that - and did it well. I applaud your efforts. While being shot, you maintained your composure enough to thwart the bad guys. If they had been successful in killing you, I hate to think what would have happened to the ladies in your house. I don't think anyone on this forum would criticize your actions.

I hope that your resolve is that much stronger to maintain the security of your home/family - you did well.

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