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I've never liked a hammock. I tend to like to switch sides in my sleep and... oops! *Thud*

That said, at least you're taking a tarp with you and 50' of paracord to make an impromptu tent between trees. (Don't forget the diameter of the tree counts.) A few plastic tent stakes too. This way, if it rains or you injure yourself, you can set up a shelter.

Sleeping on the ground... I've become enamored with the self-inflating pads. Lots better than plain foam or a folded up blanket I might need. Roll 'em up and stuff 'em under the backpack's top straps to carry (like a mini-bedroll).

Other stuff...
In an old M-16 pouch, I've stuffed survival gear. Signal mirror, chapstick, fire starters (dryer lint, shredded paper), flint, matches, mini-compass, a folding knife, 3 signal flares & launcher, a pouch of magnesium powder and LED flashlight. Medicines include 6 aspirin, 2 tylenol, 1 Immodium AD dose, disinfectant, 4 Pepto Bismol tablets, 4 No-Doze and a roll of lifesavers. Always on my belt, always with me, like a canteen and knife.

If you take a light nylon jacket (lined/unlined) you can roll it up for a pillow. Do remember to pack along a hat/ballcap and gloves for warmth at night. And always pack spare cushy socks in a ziplock bag to keep 'em dry.

Be sure to leave info about your route and plans with someone who can notify authorities if you're overdue.
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