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I use the Home Depot annealing machine, an aluminum cake pan half full of water and a couple propane torches.

The water level is adjusted up or down to have the proper amount of case above the water level, when the case neck and shoulder get up to temp I just tip the case over into the water for the quench.

I anneal every 3-4 reloads. I can get 15-20 reloads out of rifle brass if I neck size only and anneal regularly. Maybe 10 reloads total if I FL resize, I don't necessarily load to the max, but I certainly don't load plinkers.

For me the key is checking the inside of the case down where the wall meets the base, when it starts getting thin there, a case seperation will be soon to follow. I made a little "scraper" for the inside of the case that can feel this area.
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