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to rodeo roy

I respect your statement about retreating with a gunman present. But cant outrun bullets, real life has taught me that. I couldn't live with myself running by women and children being shot as I save my own skin. I'm not looking to shoot anyone, I pray I don't have to everyday before I leave home. My opinion as an armed citizen is to be the ones to hold the line until the police arrive so that others may live. I call it selfless defense. The robber retreating scenario, I agree with you to a degree, but what if he's a kidnapper? Maybe actually being a victim of a violent situation will change your mind, lord forbid that happens to you. But it changed me, If I would've ran, I wouldn't be talking to you guys. True, most situations START at 10 ft or so, but first pop of the gun, 10 ft becomes 50yds in a flash, with the perp shooting at you until he's out. That's real reality, you know, stuff that we don't read about.
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