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Looking for my first bolt gun

Hey guys, i'm a pistol shooter mainly, also have a couple of ar-15's i like to shoot, but lately i've felt the hankering for a bolt gun. looking for input as I know VERY little about bolt guns and bolt gun manufacturers. And honestly im not even sure what caliber im wanting. I reload for pistol and my AR's so less than super common calibers are definately doable, but i think i want something that makes bigger holes then my .223's so i was thinking along the lines of something .30 cal-ish (feel free to recommend something outside of that).

That being said, here are the answers to the usual questions.

What will i be using it for? Mostly target shooting 300 yds and under (but i'd like a cartridge thats can go out to 600) and possibly hunting deer/hog

How much am i looking to spend? 500-900 (was thinking around 700 but i have some leeway)

some features i would prefer: Iron sights (would eventually put glass on it, but i prefer the option), detachable box mag, synthetic stock, right handed.

And if anyone can think of other questions that might help me narrow my search, I will happily reply.
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