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Remington Express Core-Lokt Accuracy Issues

Just wanted to give a heads up regarding Remington Express Core-Lokt ammunition. To be as fair as possible to Remington, I am specifically speaking of the .243 100 grain version.

My son has a brand new Savage that we took to the range to zero in. The range has professional staff that help with this if requested. My son and I both tried in vain to get any sort of consistent grouping and went to the staff for help. They put the gun on the Lead Sled and asked what kind of ammo we were using. When we showed them the Remington box, both guys said that they had more issues with that ammo at the range than any other. They took two shots with the lead sled and the two ended up a full 7 inches from each other!

They then used a premium Federal ammo and got two shots within an inch. We used 2 Hornady rounds and same result. They zeroed the rifle for us and said to my boy, "It's not your shootin' son! It's the ammo."

I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone else that was like me and enticed by the low price of the box. It's ended up costing me more because I bought several boxes that I now will not use. Lesson learned on using quality ammo from the start.
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