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A neighbor pulled this Winchester 190 out of a closet ....

and called me knowing that I was a gun guy. I went over and looked it over. It had some latex paint splotches on it but the bore looked decent. I offered her a $100 for it and she took it. I have seen em bring less or more at gun shows around here.

I got the latex paint off of the stock, receiver, barrel, and butt plate with rubbing alcohol. Next, I took it apart and removed about two tablespoons of guck from the action (I remembered the quirks of getting the bolt back in from some experience with a best friend's Ted Williams version of this rifle back when we were teens). The bore brushed and jagged out beautiful and shiny.

A trip to the range was most satisfying.

25 yard target:

The rifle:

I have grabbed this rifle quite often for some plinking and actually did quite well with it in some of our local Rapidfire Rimfire fun matches.
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