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Is it wrong to take 40 S&W & 9mm brass to a scrapyard?

Hi Guys:

I have gathered a good bit more fired brass cases than I will ever use. I figure I can get well over brass scrap price for rifle cases and pistol brass in 44 mag, 10 mm, 45, 357, and maybe 38 special.

However, I've noticed that some people are asking close to scrap price for range pickup 9mm and 40 S&W brass. Considering the fact that I can get about $23 for 1000 40 S&W case and about $20 for 1000 9mm cases based on brass weight alone, why should I go through the trouble to sort, count, tumble, advertise and ship all that brass? At the prices I've seen here, doing all that extra work will result in me making maybe an extra $3 per thousand cases, assuming I can sell it at all!

I can just take it to my local scrap dealer and he hands me cash, which I can then use to buy more reloading supplies!

I figure it would have to sell for about $35 or $40 per thousand (plus shipping) to make it worthwhile to sell to reloaders. I know some businesses are getting that much or more, but I'm just an individual.

Is it ethically wrong for me to sell 9mm & 40 S&W brass for scrap? It is still being recycled, after all.
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