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Super Blackhawk question

Was in my LGS over the weekend. I have a blackhawk in 45 colt, and another 357/9mm convertible. They had a super blackhawk I was interested in, to continue the blackhawk collection.

The serial number on the gun means it was made in approximately 1982. However, it was sold as new in the box with only having been fired in the factory test fire a few months ago in 2012, and the box is marked "archive" on the end. The paperwork in the box had an old warranty card from southport, and it had both the original manual from 1982 and the newest revision manual.

So, here is my question: what does all the above mean? I haven't been able to find something on guns marked "archive" on the internet. The store said something about ruger having some old stock in a warehouse they released, but I would like to get some clarification if it's out there.

Oh, and the super blackhawk followed me home and is resting comfortably with its brothers in the safe
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