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It's fine...please go on!! I find all the experiences and knowledge extremely helpful. I can't say all my questions have been answered, or will ever be answered for sure until I start applying what I am reading...just keeping my mind open and absorbing it all!

I like what I'm reading about H4895. It seems like what I'm after. But, at the same time so does varget and RL15. I'll probably just need to get to testing them! Soon enough. Not rushing in just yet. I had been using IMR 3031 on the few loads that I have done. I can't speak to any accuracy with my limited experience...but I can say that I wasn't a big fan of how it metered through my RCBS Uniflow. It wasn't terribly off with regard to uniformity. I suppose maybe .2 grains when I got my rhythm consistent. I ran a lot through it before I started filling brass to be sure I was getting good drops. But, I found the fairly frequent crunching a little disturbing. Being new I was wondering if I was going to have a big problem! I guess that is a fairly common thing with this powder. Does anybody have any input on how varget, H4895, or RL15 meter through the Uniflow?

Once again, thanks for all the input!
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