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So I was wondering, do you find your handguns to be on a different level of attachment than your long guns?
Yes, I do find them to be on a different level than my long guns, but I am opposite of you. My handguns are most all tools, and I am much more fond of most of my long guns.

The only handgun that comes close to my long guns as far as sentimental value is my Colt Commander.

I think if the mind set is 'self-defense' -- handguns would be more personable
I think oppositely. With the mindset being self defense, I will pick a utilitarian gun that will be accurate, affordable to practice with, and efficient at what I want. For my other guns I can find one that is just flat-out pretty and just take it out of the safe to admire it if I can't afford to shoot it too much.
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