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The only 9mm I have spent ~$1000 for is the Springfield EMP.
Mine was a disappointment, but after two returns to the Mother ship, a replacement pistol, several more returns to Geneseo... it was shaping up. I gave up on it, probably a bit prematurely. Or maybe not.

These days, I would guess/hope that the new EMPs are perfect.

I have owned probably a dozen 9mms and most of them did not approach $1000.

That said, I only own one 9mm these days, and that is the Kahr PM9 that I have owned for five or six years now. I have no interest in any other 9mm pistols, unless I find a Rohrbaugh at a great price.

The only 9mms that I would like to own (again) are the HK P7s of any description and the S&W 469.
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