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Thanks all for the replies.

Crusty: great advice on measuring the cases, even though I have read you do not need to measure "once fired" I will do so. I will look into a proper case trimmer from Lee as well.

mikld: Yes, availability. I actually wanted some other primers (non-magnum) but could not find them in stock anywhere. I actually had some Federal primers in my cart but then searched and found some bad reviews, and so I got scared and went with something else. Oh to be so low on the knowledge totem pole.

Lost Sheep: Great point about the brass catcher, I will look into one. I see they are cheap. Not having to purchase additional brass (at around $60-$80 per 1k) will add to my savings.

Thanks again everyone for the help. I ordered all my Lee items today from Titan Reloading and they showed as shipping less than 2 hours later, same for my brass and projectiles. I should have everything ready to start by this weekend. In the meantime I will be doing more and more research.

I am REALLY excited to start this process, to learn about all of the individual components and their subsequent performance characteristics after assembly. I've been putting this off for quite a while, many times had stuff in the "cart" and never hit the "buy" button. NO LONGER!
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