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Originally Posted by Sevens View Post
Just wanted to comment on the thought that the Redhawks are the strongest, most indestructible .357 Magnums ever made.

I agree that they are right up at the top and are likely not rivaled by any double action .357 that I am aware of, but if we want to go ahead and use those most definite superlatives that leave absolutely no room for anything whatsoever, I would submit that perhaps the very largest Freedom Arms single action .357 Magnum revolvers (while obviously not double action) might be even stronger than a .357 Redhawk.

I have no proof and I own neither, I just believe it's worthy of discussion and relevant to the topic.

For $400, you got a fantastic buy. Redhawk revolvers are otherwise not highly valuable/collectible, but it's only because they are a solid working man's gun and made in high volume with a reasonable price when new. They are, generally speaking, not collectible handguns because of this. The .357 Magnum chambering, however, was quite limited so the .357 Redhawks are in a different class as far as "collectible" value.

Any Redhawk's value as a shooter is obvious. They are well made guns that do everything asked of them. But they don't tend to carry a collectible "value" when compared to other large frame revolvers on the market.

If you paid that money for a .44 Magnum Redhawk, you got a very solid deal.
Paying $400 for a .357 Redhawk means you got a darn good deal, or better.
The 45 colt Redhawks are pretty sought after, especially the 5.5" ones which are discontinued. Few of those were made. The 4" (of maybe it is 4.2") are still made according to Ruger, but I have never seen a new one for sale. The 45 colt Redhawk is a reloaders dream
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