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Originally Posted by SamNavy
Clearly I did not ask to see it first. Nothing registered to me as being "wrong" until he brought it out and I saw that it was already open. I'VE ALWAYS opened them myself in the past. I assume there's a good reason OTHER FFL's had me open the box myself... that way if there was something wrong/missing, it would be immediately clear that it was a factory or shipping error and not due to his actions.
Allow me to clarify that, while my FFL has me inspect the firearm before I fill out any paperwork, he has already opened the package and seen the firearm. The BATFE requires that the gun be entered into his bound book if it's going to be on the premises overnight, and it's virtually guaranteed that I won't be able to get there the same day a gun arrives, even IF he can reach me by phone the moment the gun comes through the door. Typically, he won't be able to enter it into his bound book without opening the package to see what it is, verify the barrel length, and verify the serial number.
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