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The closest thing that I reload in centerfire to a .22LR rimfire is a Morris .297/230 Short. Parent case is a .22 Hornet, shortened to about 0.500", run through a bottle neck die, loaded with a NAA .22 lead bullet (making the round about 0.750" long), loaded with about 3.0gr Unique.

I do it only because I have a rifle chambered for it and I have dies and brass and I'm NUTS!

I also have the same rifle in .22LR and shoot that one a WHOLE LOT MORE because it's cheap and easy.

I also reload .25ACP and .32 S&W Short ... but as I said ... I'M NUTS!

Now, it's not a bad idea ... but the question does remain: HOW MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE ARE NUTS LIKE ME?
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