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Bill Carson
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I think aging or adding a patina is a good idea. It gives the gun a persona onto itself. As for removing the case hardened finish, I've been leaving it and just applying my patination process over the entire piece. This gives it a very believiable look. Keep in mind, the originals aged and discolored relatively evenly over the case hardened parts as well as the soft iron parts. I can recommend these tips, however: Whatever method you are using to apply your aged finish, apply it in multiple layers. This will give your aged finish depth as seen on originals. I found T.O.W. Cold browning solution worked best for doing aged finishes. If you choose to remove the case hardened finish, think about using 600 grit wet sanding paper. Then go over that with blue sos pads. Also, I have been using 3M scuffy pads in 350 - 1200 grit ranges. These will remove most any finish and leave a satin look. I have just finished building a proper Leech & Rigdon out of a Uberti 51 Navy. It is fully patina and has the look of a Reb veteran thats gone into the west. It is well worth the effort. Hope you post yours when it is done.
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