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Don't complicate the obvious

From Hornady's site:
A-MAX® NOW featuring AMP™ bullet jackets!
Designed by match shooters for match shooters. With an ultra-low drag tip, our A-Max match bullets feature an aerodynamic secant ogive that delivers flat trajectories with excellent uniformity and concentricity. Find out more...
•Rapid, explosive expansion with limited penetration.
•Recommended muzzle velocity range: 2000+ fps.
•These bullets are not recommended for hunting

Sierra is not specific; however, I would consider MatchKing and ProHunter as telling the tale.

Part of hunting is supposed to be our concern for cleanly dispatching our quarry with materials designed and manufactured for the purpose. I've read a lot of "if it's accurate, I'm using it" positions on this site. I consider it shameful.

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