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I do not keep track of rounds, but after I started handloading, I kept track of boxes of primers (1000 per box) for a while. Eventually quit that too.

But I can tell you that in the last three years I have put 6 pounds of Green Dot and a couple pounds of W231 into .45 cases. A few have been .45LC, the vast majority into .45acp and run through a certain steel framed 4" Kimber.

My standard target load is 5 grains. So...7000 divided by 5 equals 1400 rounds per pound. Six pounds of Green Dot times 1400 is 8400 rounds. Add a couple pounds of W231 at the same 5 grains and we get 2800 more.

That makes 11,200 in round numbers. As I say, I have used a small amount for .45LC (maybe 200?) and a smaller number of .41 Mag (50 or so). When I was experimenting with 10mm and .380, I built maybe 10 rounds of each.

I have put a box here and a box there of these handloads through various other 1911s, but not a great amount.

I'm going to guess-timate that I have 10k through that Kimber, and although it has some finish wear, it shoots as well today as the day I bought it. And although these days my back dictates the carrying of an alloy-framed 1911 (maybe even a 3 1/2 incher) I would not hesitate one tick to grab that Kimber and trust my life to it.

I recently acquired a used Scandium framed S&W 1911 and am trying to put enough rounds through it to trust it unconditionally. So far, so good...I'll get back to you in a few thousand rounds.

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