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case bulging

I had a case separation at the range today and want some opinions. This is for a savage model 12 22-250. i bought the gun second hand from a friend who glass bedded it, new stock and worked up a load for it. I dont know how many rounds through it. This is the load he gave me and I have been shooting:
OAL: 2.407
50 gr V Max
38.0 gr H380
Fed 215mag primer

My problem is that every round I shoot comes out with a bulge near the base, more so than I am used to seeing with any other rifle, I am wondering if there is a problem with the gun/chamber.

I measured my new unfired winchester cases and they are 0.4620 at the base of the case. all the once fired cases have a buldge 0.3015 in. up from the bottom of the case which measures 0.4660 in. The case which separated was an older case and not a once fired. The primer looks a little flattened to me. I dont think the load is unusually hot except for I dont know what to think of the mag primer. I tried to upload pics but am having trouble with photobucket right now.

Maybe this is normal for this gun and I should just keep a closer eye on the age of the brass, maybe neck size only, or I should get the gun to a gunsmith. sorry for the rambling post.
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