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Remington 1911 R1 - Mini Range Report

About ten days ago, on a whim, I traded my Kahr CM9 and some cash for a new Remington 1911 R1. The Kahr was a fine little pistol, but I wanted something else. It made sense at the time. Many of you know what I mean. When I took it home, I cleaned and lubricated it. Everything checked out. The only flaw I found, and I just about always find a flaw (unfortunately), was that the bluing on the underside of the frame had a slightly mottled appearance, kind of blue mixed with a copper or brownish color. Barely noticeable, but definitely there. It almost reminded me of case-hardening.

In any case, I took it out on Saturday to introduce it to my "range" at the hunting cabin. All I brought to fire through it was some inexpensive bulk ammo (Federal) from Walmart. My mini range report is that I fired approximately 60 rounds through it (IIRC), with one failure to feed early on. My best 5-shot group, center to center, measured 7/8". Now, that was at 7 yards mind you (no bench), but still I was very pleased. It really ran like a champ, and the accuracy was better than I expected.

Perhaps that's the key... lower my expectations! Seriously, based on my limited experience, if anyone is considering one of these, I'd encourage you to go for it. I think you'll be pleased, especially at the price.
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