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How would you identify an intruder?
How would I identify an intruder? With my flashlight.

This father did correctly identify a threat, and reacted accordingly. It is not his job to determine who is under the mask, just to determine whether the masked man is a threat or not. He did, and he reacted as most any logical person would.

I am very sorry and empathetic for the father.....this is about as bad as a "good shoot" can get.

Let me just say this, and I'm inviting a WORLD of poo on myself here but here goes.

OC spray, I've been hit with it to get certified for an armed security job which I ended up not taking. It SUCKS and is almost immediately debilitating.
While OC spray can be a viable option in some situations, when you are being attacked by an armed assailant is not the time nor the place to deploy it if you have better options (like a firearm).
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