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I can't imagine reloading for the Mosin. It's just not cost effective for me. I also don't load 7.62x39mm for my SKS for the same reason. Wolf ammo is cheap enough I don't worry about it. I suppose if I were shooting competition with the Mosin it might be worthwhile to load for it.
Some people do not like to deal with having to clean out the corrosive salts from the primers that milsurp stuff leaves. Also my reloads are so MUCH more accurate than the milsurp. The only milsurp stuff I've shot that even came close to the same accuracy was that green lacquered Czech Silvertip. And shooting lacquered rounds will cause Mosin Nagant "sticky bolt" faster than anything else, due to the receiver heat melting the lacquer. Another cleaning worry.

What I do is shoot my reloads for accuracy, and milsurp for general plinking.
Some people think I'm paranoid because I have guns. If I have guns, what do I have to be paranoid about?
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