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Hoppe's #9 is not a lubricant, though it does leave a little oily feeling film left over after cleaning. You need a dry clean rag to wipe most of it off.

There are several non-toxic cleaners... even lubricants. (though not many "gun" lubricants that qualify as non-toxic)... KG-1 and MPro are very good non-toxic cleaners.

If you are cleaning a very dirty bore/barrel, there is no need to run the patch through only once and throw it away, a couple passes is fine. You do need to use a clean patch to verify cleanliness and then a clean patch to coat the bore with a little oil to protect it. (keep in mind to change the patch regularly... if you keep using a dirty patch, you may think the barrel is still dirty when it is not)

I wrote a cleaning how to, it may help. Here is the link.
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