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My wife has visited every gun store in town trying on guns because of her hand size. Her findings:
M&P Shield 9mm - comfortable and fits well but low capacity for classes.
Bursa Thunder .380 - this ended up as her purse gun
M&P 9 - This is close and she uses it the most. However, she plans on having someone work on the grips to make them even smaller than the current small because it gives her trouble during one handed failure drills.
SP101 - Her favorite revolver she just wishes is was more cowboyish.
Blackhawk - too big for comfort but it does have that cowboy thing
SR9 - not enough different from her M&P to bother changing and the capacity isn't as high.
Single Six - her first gun but only a .22
CZ 75 - trigger way to far away
1911 - on her wish list but it takes a lot of pennies to buy quality
Those are all I can recall.
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