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Congrats on the classic turret. I have been reloading on one for six years and think it's a great press. You will need a case trimmer. I use the Lee trimmer and it works fast and easy at a good price. I chuck the lock-stud in a battery drill and can trim chamfer and debur pretty fast. You will want to resize before you trim. With the double disk kit if both disks have different size holes the disk with the smaller hole has to go on top. I would also advise against buying a cheap digital scale, you would be better off buying a better beam scale. Welcome to reloading.

Edit: I forgot to mention. How I measure the cases to see if they need to be trimmed is I open my calipers to max case length and lock it, then pass the cases through. Any case that goes through is fine the cases that don't get trimmed.
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