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Creeper long time since I talked to ya. My current WW brass has a neck measurement using a micrometer of 0.3433" for fired brass. Then a loaded neck measurement is 0.3341".
Howdy-doo BH86... yes sir, a bit of time.

All IMO of course... Based on SAAMI numbers, and my personal preference for minimal case neck expansion, if they have less than a thou or so thickness variation, I'd sort 'em rather than cut them... assuming you want to reload those cases several times, again, without annealing. If they are way out for wall thickness and if you don't mind annealing every other loading, go ahead and turn 'em.
I know some long range target competitors that anneal every loading, 'cause they believe the bullet release is more consistent & conducive to accuracy.

Do what you can, and are willing to do, with what you got. Just be safe about it eh?

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