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For a very short time,,,

For a very short time,,,
We lived out in the country in Indiana.

It was so nice to go on the back porch in the evening,,,
And shoot the walnut sized things off of the trees,,,
A brick of .22 shorts was less than $5.00 then,,,
With a single-shot that was a month of fun.

Things really changed when we moved back to Ok City,,,
We weren't on the outskirts of civilization any more.

It was a 6 mile bicycle ride to another dump you could shoot at,,,
A policeman stopped me with my rifle slung on my back,,,
He put my bike in the trunk and drove me home,,,
My dad almost got arrested cussing the cop out.

After that the only time I could shoot was when I could talk someone into driving me to that old south-side dump.

I was so happy when they sold that place,,,
We moved back to our original house.

BTW, I'm really enjoying reading your experiences.


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