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Originally Posted by jrisdal

I have a Harrington Richarson Sportsman, single action I beleive it is a model 999 but not certain.
If "SPORTSMAN" is stamped into the side of the barrel, it's most likely a top-break pre-Model 999 - yours is from 1957 AFAIK.

While you might be shooting it single-action (cocking the hammer for each shot), it should be a double-action revolver, cocking/firing via simply pulling the trigger only.

Numrich Arms (google) is the most likely source for parts.

Could you tell us why it needs an ejector/star ?
Is the one for your gun missing ?

If it's missing, AFAIK a new extractor/ejector star would need to be gunsmith fitted, since the cylinder timing is done off the central ratchet teeth thereon.


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