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I have been considering picking up one of the MP molds for my GP's. Most of the others I have are based upon the best dimensions they could gather up opn the Keith SWC's.

This said, I am still not overly familiar with all of his bullet designs but this one certainly looks the part based upon the wide front band.

.020" from the face huh, that ain't much wiggle room. I usually keep my cases trimmed but I haven't messed with 357's in quite a while and would have to look back in my notes to see where I had been trimming them back to. I normally only shoot jacketed through them so as long as they are the same length for the crimp thats pretty much al I am worry about.

If you get some free time would you mind posting up some measurements on that bullet? It doesn't have to be down to the last .0001" just something relatively close from the nose to crimp groove. That would give me a better idea if something pops up from MP that I simply have to have.

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