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Lee Bullet Seating Die Problem – Bullets Too Loose

A few months ago I purchased a Lee Deluxe Rifle Die set for my .308, which came with their Dead Length Bullet Seating Die. It seemed to be working fine initially, but for my latest reloads I noticed that no matter what I do, the bullets are too loose after being seated in the neck. After seating, I can push/pull the bullets in the neck relatively easily with my fingers. If I use calipers to measure the OAL, the OAL gets shorter and shorter as the calipers push the bullet further into the case.

I was thinking the problem was with my Lee Collet die, i.e. getting too loose a bullet fit during neck sizing. However, after neck sizing each case, I test it with a bullet to see how easily it fits into the neck. A Lee Precision Youtube video said a bullet should go into the sized case “with light finger pressure.” However, I size mine to be a little tighter so it takes some effort to push a test bullet in the case. So it would seem my problem is not with the Collet Die.

I also noticed that if I shake the Lee seating die, it rattles. I took it apart and there is a little cylinder that is loose within the center of the die – it moves up and down freely if I shake the die. I’m not sure if that is how it is supposed to be, or if something is broken inside the die.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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