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Thanks M&P, I just ordered the Lyman manual to compliment what else I have coming in. The good news is I really do hope to take my time and be very meticulous while doing this. I have plenty of ammo that I have already purchased to shoot/plink with so there will be no rush to create batches to shoot.

Beer math says I can buy 2k rounds of 5.56 online these days from $350 to $400 each (case), or $800 total (including shipping). With all of the equipment, accessories and reloading supplies I have purchased to create 2k rounds I'm in the hole for about $950.

If everything goes well I should start to recoup my expenses here very shortly, but only on paper....because I'll probably just end up buying more components and reloading more often. It's kind of like my wife saying she "saved" money by only spending $300 while shopping at the mall versus $500 because there was a sale.
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