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It's all about cost cutting. I've only owned one that I finally had to get rid of, no good and no luck with S&W service. it was a Bangor Punta model 24. No pin. I finally traded it in on a Colt. I have 5 later model guns, took me 10 years to buy another new one tho. I would rather have a used gun with a pin. The 5 newer guns all would function and are accurate, sent 2 back to factory( one is still not right but it's no longer out of time) , I'm using one as is. Another I bought used and it's really a good shooter. Number 5 went to the local S&W repair center, they scratched it for me.
I guess we should be glad S&W still makes revolvers, I just can't love a Ruger D/A Revolver, Colt quit.
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