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I posted a couple of links to youtube 911 tapes of women on the 911 line as a home invasion was taking place.One was protecting her baby.Both shot and killed the invader .

I realize many folks have the good sense to not click on every link presented,no telling what you will get.

My point,these women were not included in any definition of militia,yet were in situations of gravest extreme,and and exemplify the most fundamental meaning of the Second Amendment.I am in my home and some SOB broke in to do me or my child harm.I had a shotgun,I used it.I am alive,they are dead.

This drivel about militia is irrelevant.Those who advocate corrupting the Liberty to Keep and Bear Arms also are advocating these women and others like them be defenseless.

Whether or not they had training to meet some bureacrats expectation and get their ticket punched,they were armed when seconds count and the police were minutes away.They knew,one way or another,to call 911 and excersize appropriate restraint,yet acted when the situation became grave.

With red tape infringement,likely we would have three victims and perhaps a couple more murder/rapers walking the streets.

Our Bill of Rights is about limiting government and preserving individual liberty.

Wrong decisions by SCOTUS and other corruptions aside,the purpose of the Bill of Rights is preservation of INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY.

Its not about "for the greater good" its not about "the collective justice"

I hope you all will remember that.
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