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Most of my brass is range pick up. Other than that I would say bang for the buck depends on what I am loading.

.41 Mag the Winchester brass gives me more firings before they split than the R-P brass does. The R-P work hardens faster even with anneling they still split eventualy. Though I have many cases that I have loaded at least once a week for the past 3 years.

.221 Rem Fireball R-P brass is great. Well over 20 reloads with many. They do not stretch, and have not had to be trimmed ever. Though at a cost of $40 per 100 it was steep to pay. Now I reform .223 Rem brass. They tend to give 5 to 10 firings before the case mouth cracks.

I have some Norma brass in 7.62x53 R that have well over 10 firings with no need to trim, and primer pockets are still tight. At $1.50 each they were not real cheap. The PPU that came as loaded ammo have done the same, at less than $1 each as loaded ammo. I would rather buy the loaded PPU, and reuse the brass at that kind of cost saving. As far as how long they last well they have over 15 firings I will let you know when one splits, or cracks.
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