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I'm a long time handgun owner, shooter and enthusiast and it's been my experience that this pistol runs so well that I keep it on a "clean about every 750-1000 rounds" schedule. I will give it a nice light lube to ensure the slide moves freely but I prefer not to take this pistol apart anymore than I must simply because it does take down via a screw and I prefer not to screw/unscrew it any more than is necessary.

I stick specifically to bulk Federal Champion ammo which is a 36-grain plated bullet load. The only time I've been able to make the pistol consistently fail to operate was with 40gr lead bullet ammo, both Federal American Eagle and CCI Blazer. The Federal American Eagle is a very poor ammo in most any of my semi-automatic firearms. The failures I experienced with these two brands of 40gr lead bullet ammo were both on range days when I was running "testing" on my GSG and the pistol had already digested more than 1,200 rounds of the plated Federal Champion ammo (flawlessly) before trying it and finally finding failure with the 40gr ammo.

Simply given the materials it's constructed of, I truly do not expect this pistol to last forever. I'm almost sure that I will shoot this pistol to breakage/failure at some point if I keep it on this pace. It comes with a 2-year warranty, so I suppose that's what I'm attempting to do-- I'm attempting to use it at an accelerated pace to make it quit working within that first two years. Having 5 magazines helps in this endeavor.

It's one of the most enjoyable experiments I've undertaken!
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