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re Walter

Sweden had a very soft spot for struggling third world countries, especially communist ones as we were socialdemocrats, Palme and others weren't afraid to voice anti-colonial, -apartheid, -imperial opinions.

It was both the government and the 60/70-s movement that had a very romantiziced view of those countries.

Our primeminister demonstrated together with the NV ambassador.

As a small independent country we have always been on our high horse, criticizing US and USSR alike almost, you probably get more critizism because we lets face it the russkies are what they are/were. Our culture is totally americanized at this point.

We still have laws/regulations about not selling guns to countries at war or dictatorships but companies have always found creative ways around it.

I believe you still have some swedish weaponsystems in your arsenal even now. and alotta stuff with radar, communication and submarine stuff

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