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Just wanted to comment on the thought that the Redhawks are the strongest, most indestructible .357 Magnums ever made.

I agree that they are right up at the top and are likely not rivaled by any double action .357 that I am aware of, but if we want to go ahead and use those most definite superlatives that leave absolutely no room for anything whatsoever, I would submit that perhaps the very largest Freedom Arms single action .357 Magnum revolvers (while obviously not double action) might be even stronger than a .357 Redhawk.

I have no proof and I own neither, I just believe it's worthy of discussion and relevant to the topic.

For $400, you got a fantastic buy. Redhawk revolvers are otherwise not highly valuable/collectible, but it's only because they are a solid working man's gun and made in high volume with a reasonable price when new. They are, generally speaking, not collectible handguns because of this. The .357 Magnum chambering, however, was quite limited so the .357 Redhawks are in a different class as far as "collectible" value.

Any Redhawk's value as a shooter is obvious. They are well made guns that do everything asked of them. But they don't tend to carry a collectible "value" when compared to other large frame revolvers on the market.

If you paid that money for a .44 Magnum Redhawk, you got a very solid deal.
Paying $400 for a .357 Redhawk means you got a darn good deal, or better.
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