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I've been shooting a long time ...and from time to time, I've kept a decent I'd know when to change springs, etc on a gun...

In the last 10 yrs....I've kept better track ...on some guns.

My primary range training gun for the last 6 a 1911 :

Wilson Combat 1911 / 5" gun / Protector model in 9mm ...that I bought new in Aug 2006.../ At about 30,000 rds I had some light primer I had to change the main spring/hammer strut spring ( $ 5 part ) ...but I do change the firing pin spring and the recoil spring ( $ 3 and $4 parts ) about every 5,000 rds and I log those spring changes for weight, mfg, etc ...about 3 wks ago / at a little over 45,000 rds thru that gun in 6 yrs ...the extractor broke. I shipped it to Wilson / 100% covered by warranty ...and I had it back in about 10 business days - and its 100% again. On day 1 - right out of the box that gun ran 100% ...but that is Wilson Combat's trademark...tight enough to be guaranteed accurate to 1" at 25 yds...but loose enough to run 100%.

My primary carry gun is also a Wilson Combat 1911 5" CQB in .45 acp..

Its a .45 acp version of my primary range gun .../ it currently has a little over 25,000 rds thru it ...its coming up on 12 yrs old now.../ just routine changes of recoil and firing pin springs is all I've done to it.
I have other semi-autos that I don't keep track of too well ....Sig 226's, Browning Buckmark, etc....
In my revolvers...all S&W ....I keep track of about 5 issues on any of them:

a. model 27-2 4" (.357 mag)..coming up on 8,000 rds now -- bought it used.
b. model 19-1 4" (.357 mag ) over 10,000 rds ....bought it used.
c. model 29-2 8 3/8" (.44 mag ) ..over 5,000 rds - bought it used.
d. model 629-5 3" ( .44 mag ) ...over 4,000 rds - bought it used.
e. Freedom Arms single action 4 3/4" barrel - .357 mag - bought new May 2012 ...and a little over 6,000 rds thru it now...

Browning Citori - XS Skeet model 12ga 30" barrels ...bought new its 11 seasons old now....its my primary gun for Sporting Clays and Skeet...a little over 500,000 shells thru it now..../ I have not had to replace a spring or even a firing pin on this gun yet....I do take the stock off the gun twice a year...and lube & inspect the springs and firing pins. Its been a workhorse.

I have a lot of other Browning shotguns ...but this one was purchased as a primary tournament gun ...and some bird hunting ...but it gets the most tournament use of all my shotguns.../ I won't be shocked if it goes to 1 Million shells without a firing pin and spring rebuild which is about $ 150 - no big deal.
Virtually every round thru my guns are my own reloads....all jacketed ammo - primarily Montana Gold bullets.../ and my own reloads in my shotshells too...

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