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Thanks for all the comments. I had no idea about the "Spot" after taking the pistol apart.

I had went through a lot of rounds by the time I shot this grouping. That said, I was trying to adjust for it shooting low. It was much more obvious with the first few mags, but then again I didn't know about letting it break back in after cleaning.

I did know about it actually being he same as the GSG pistol. I was looking at their magazines to get extra ones, since they are a good $10 - $15.00 cheaper then the Sig Magazines.

Trying to be the good little gun owner, I took the pistol apart and cleaned it again after going to the range, but to be honest, after the 60 to 80 rounds I had put through it, it really didn't look dirty at all. I went ahead and cleaned it anyway. I figured it won't hurt.

I was very happy overall with the day and how it performed, which makes me happy with my purchase. I have owned a several guns in my life, but never a 'NEW' gun. Even my pellet rifle as a kid, was an old Benjamin Franklin .22 pump that was (from what my dad told had told me) close to 100 years old. So it was nice and a bit nervous having a brand new gun to try out.
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