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It's coming up next weekend. I did cave in and scope this CZ527. I know I said I would not do it again, but I have put a Leupold 1-4 x 20 scout scope on it. I did try a cheep Weaver Kasper first and the rifle put paid to it in less than 20 rounds. It shot okay and zeroed well then I noticed glass rattling...! The VX2 Leupold is very beautiful and so far is holding up.

Definitely will post pics, though battery life will be given to GPS longevity as a priority.

Here is another dilemma. I bought some real honest-to-gawd Federal 154gr PSP hunting ammo for this hunt/rifle and it costs a dollar a throw. That's okay, but what bugs me is that it shoots about 2.5 inches whereas the Herters 154gr PSP shoots about an inch and costs 23c per throw. I understand this accuracy will make very little difference at between 50–100 yards but should I go with the Federal's 2.5 inch group (Copper jacket) or with the Herter's 1 inch group (bi-metal jacket)?

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