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I have only had it since Thursday, but I did get to take it to the range and shoot it for the first time on Sunday. I don't really have anything to compare it to (1911 wise), but I really enjoyed it. I had a couple failure to feeds, that from what I have read are more common with .22 semi-automatics. I really attribute those to the ammo rather then the gun.

I think it was shooting a little low (an inch or two), but it comes with two other front sites you can put on the barrel, so I may try those to correct that. I am not a marksman or even very experienced, but I was quite satisfied with it.

My wife also got a Browning Buck Mark Camper that we were shooting. It was fun too, but I really just like the feel of the 1911 better.

Once I have more control over it and become a better shot, I will be looking to something with more kick <grin>. But for plinking, target shooting and getting the feel of the gun, you can't beat the 1911. The ammo costs are just too inexpensive not to. At .04 cents a bullet, you can shoot all day long.
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