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I'm in the ...clean it after every range trip camp yes, I'd clean it too...

Nothing wrong with Hoppes #9 ....or most any other solvents...there are lots of them out there ....but even the ones that don't smell a lot are still toxic..but you need something to get the copper fouling out of the barrel - take the carbon off the frame and barrel, etc..../ nothing wrong with using Hoppes #9 / although I primarily use Shooter's Choice products.

I prefer CLP Break Free a primary lube ...especially in any 9mm / I think grease is too heavy on the rails...

In general ....I spray or drip solvents into barrel / let it sit for a minute or so ...then run a bore brush thru barrel ...and then a couple of patches thru untill its clean...then a final patch with some oil...

drop some solvent on a patch ...or a Q tip -- or both - and clean the frame / inside of slide ...etc...( 3 or 4 patches and half a dozen Q tips will clean a gun for me ) ...Q tips - with a little solvent --- work a lot better on the breech face around the extractor...or inside the rail channels..or down into the crevices of the frame..

every other time - I take the grips off too --- and clean the area inside the mag well and under the grips.

lube outside of barrel / lube rails inside slide and area where barrel goes into slide.. and rails on frame...reassemble...

Last step I do spray the outside of the gun with WD-40 ....and then wipe the whole gun down with a good kitchen paper towel or shop towel - and put the gun back in the safe.

About every 3rd range trip ....I strip down the mags...and clean them inside as well - and the followers ...( no lube on the mags )...but wipe them clean.

Some Sigs are stainless frames and some are alloy frames...but in a 9mm --- I still only use Break Free to lube the rails.

Dispose of all patches ...and Q tips used ..../ I do leave an old terry cloth towel on my bench top - where I disassemble and clean all of my guns...when it gets nasty after 6 months or so ...I throw it out / use another towel ...( garage sale bath towels ) are cheap....

Lots of good DVD's out there on how to strip a Sig down to a bare frame ..if you like doing that sort of thing.....and personally, I do that about every 6 months on guns that I fire a lot ...once a year on guns I don't shoot that much ....clean, lube everything ...grease the hammer strut spring areas..and just in general, check for parts wearing..or anything that doesn't look right.

If you have a buddy that is more familiar with this stuff ...solicit their advice...

and just wash your hands good ..after you're done.../ while I might drink a soda ( in a can ) if I'm cleaning 3 or 4 guns on my bench ....I wouldn't want to be eating / or touch food with my hands while I was cleaning..

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